Sitting In Style - Your Wedding Chairs Don't Have to Be Boring!

alternative wedding chairs

Today on the blog Gracie shares her thoughts and ideas on the subject of styling wedding chairs.

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Imagine, you find your dream venue BUT, there there is one problem! You cannot stand the chairs they provide! Don't worry, here are a few ideas you might find helpful:

Replace the chairs

It's not as expensive as you might think to hire different chairs. There are so many fabulous companies out there that hire wedding chairs, anything from the usual banqueting chairs to something more luxurious like French Louis chairs or Chandelle chairs. Before hiring in, remember to check with your venue whether there's a charge for moving and storing their chairs.

stylish wedding chairs

Image sources: Jen Huang Photography via Ruffled Blog , Natalie Watson Photography via Southern Weddings Magazine  Krista A Jones Photography via Style Me Pretty

alternative wedding chairsImage credit: Stephen Karlisch via Inside Weddings

Chair Covers

Love them or hate them (and I know Val really doesn't like them!), chair covers still seem to be the option that lots of venues suggest for clients who don't like the venue chairs or want the chairs to be more in keeping with their chosen wedding decor and styling.

Covers can cost up to £4 per chair which although may not be the biggest portion of your budget but this can still add up quickly! The cost, quality and fit of chair covers can vary a lot so choose your supplier carefully!

Alternatives to Traditional Chair Covers

As an alternative to completely covering the chair why not not look at these alternative ways of stying your wedding chairs:

It can be fun to play with different textures and styles to suit your wedding taste, instead of the heavy off white cream satin, look at using a lighter lace which can really lift a room and compliment a table setting.

Keep it simple and give your chair covers a pixie cut, a shorter cover can still have a big effect on creating that wow actor in a room. Just because its a shorter style doesn't mean it has to be plain, because its less fabric you can add beading work to accentuate the room and keep it at a low cost.

wedding chair styling ideasImage sources: Rowell Photography via Want That Wedding Pink Grape Design via Etsy

Just because you're planning a white wedding doesn't mean you have to go ivory, cream or any other shade of white for your covers.

wedding chair styling ideasImage via Perfect Palette

To really make the reception pop, don't be afraid to add colour. The brighter the better! Steer away from dark navy or purples and be inspired by deep oranges, teals and other brighter colours that are playful and fresh.


wedding chair styling ideasImage sources: Becky Male Photography via Bridal Musings and via Style Me Pretty

Consider a little embellishment to create that final look. Fresh flowers or foliage can make for a timeless look and you can coordinate the flowers to your bouquet. DIY signs can also be a cute touch for the more crafty bride, or you could go even more arty and make your own streamers, garlands or paper pom noms for that perfect handcrafted look.

wedding chair styling ideasImage Sources: Sawyer Baird Photography via Style Me Pretty  Rensche Mari  via Rock and Roll Bride The Wedding of My Dreams Paper Street Dolls

Whichever cover or way of styling your wedding chairs you opt for, whether its a styled understated piece or a colourful modern take, make sure it represents you and your style and leave the plain covers in the past where they belong!

Happy planning!

Gracie xx

Image credit for first image in this post - Brosnan Photographic via Style Me Pretty

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