• Getting Married in Saint Lucia - Sandy white beaches, volcanic mud baths and lush rainforests

Saint Lucia Weddings

Getting Married in Saint Lucia - Sandy white beaches, volcanic mud baths and lush rainforests

The beautiful island of Saint Lucia straddles the boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In 2018, I visited as a guest of the St. Lucia Tourist Board who had organised the trip as part of their Travel Expert Programme. Over the course of seven days, I stayed in five incredible luxury resorts and visited over 20 hotels in total. In order to assist future clients and gain first-hand knowledge of the island, I was also invited to experience some of its most spectacular sights.

In Saint Lucia you can recline on sandy white beaches, soak in volcanic mud baths and zipline through lush rainforests. You can indulge in delicious local rum and authentic island food, explore abandoned sugar plantations, snorkel in crystal clear waters and even experience a live sea turtle hatching!

I was completely blown away by the warm, friendly welcome I received on the island. The overriding memory that has stayed with me is the sensational view I witnessed from the fabulous Jade Mountain resort. The Pitons, a pair of dramatically tapered mountains on the island’s west coast, towered above us as we enjoyed lunch at the hotel towards the end of our trip.

getting married in Saint Lucia

The island is perfect for a twin centre break. You could spend time with your wedding guests in the north of the island, experiencing sights such as The Pigeon Island National Park, Rodney Bay and the capital Castries, before travelling south to visit the fabulous Sulphur Springs in Soufriere and the magnificent Piton Mountain Range. Or vice versa – there’s plenty to explore and the options are endless!

No matter where on the island you decide to host your Saint Lucia wedding, you and your guests will be treated to beautiful, breath-taking scenery.

The Island’s History

Saint Lucia has been much fought over. The Caribs ousted earlier Arawak settlers by around AD 800, with the first Europeans arriving in the 16th century. Historical sources vary as to which explorers landed on the island first, but we know European powers wrestled with the Caribs, and one another, for control of the island between 1660 and 1814, with the flag of Saint Lucia changing 14 times in that period.

After the island was a focus for Anglo-French hostilities during the Napoleonic Wars, the British ultimately took possession under the Treaty of Paris in 1814. Saint Lucia became a Crown colony and a prosperous plantation economy developed. Based on sugar, it was worked by enslaved Africans until Britain abolished slavery in 1834.

Saint Lucia was finally given full internal self-government in 1967 and became independent as a constitutional monarchy and member of the Commonwealth in February 1979.

Nowadays, the island’s African, French, and English heritage combines to form a rich, diverse culture. Although the official language is English, Creole, a form of French patois, remains an influential secondary language.

Pitons wedding - Saint Lucia

Getting Married in St Lucia

In Saint Lucia, weddings are made easy by the fact there’s no residency period. You can apply for a marriage license two days before the date of your ceremony or even on the same day subject to a slightly higher fee {although I would always advise doing this well in advance of your wedding date}.

You’ll need to produce the usual standard documentation including your passport, birth certificate, decree absolute (if one of you is divorced), a deed poll (if a name has been changed), plus some additional documents that may be required.

In terms of wedding locations, the island has so much to choose from, including an array of stunning beach resorts, waterfalls, botanical gardens, mountain tops, churches, and historical parks.

Pigeon Island Saint Lucia

Wedding Venues in St Lucia

Anse Chastenet

The Anse Chastenet estate encompasses 600 lush tropical acres bordering two soft, sandy beaches. Located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the resort’s crystal-clear bays are also part of a designated marine reserve protecting miles of colourful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Built in harmony with the island’s natural beauty, you’ll find a dozen rooms tucked away behind the coconut palms lining the beach and the remainder scattered across a flower decked hillside.

romantic luxury resorts in the Caribbean - Anse Chastanet

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Anse Chastanet

elopement in the Caribbean

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain is Saint Lucia's only resort with a view of both the Piti and Gros Piton Mountains floating upon the Caribbean Sea. Rising majestically above its sister resort, Anse Chastanet, its unique location is unsurpassed. Featuring bold architectural design that celebrates the island’s scenic beauty, Jade Mountain is one of the Caribbean’s most mesmerising resort experiences.

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Jade Mountain

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Jade Mountain

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Jade Mountain

Sugar Beach

Set within more than 100-acres of pristine rainforest on the site of an 18th century sugar plantation, the lush landscaped grounds of Sugar Beach Resort sweep down to the stunning white sand of Sugar Beach and the glimmering Caribbean Sea. Each guestroom comes with its own private plunge pool, creating an indoor/outdoor paradise, elegantly designed in Plantation style. Guests also enjoy easy access to the resort’s Great House, swimming pool and the white sand of Anse des Pitons.

getting married in Saint Lucia - Sugar Beach Viceroy

getting married in Saint Lucia - Sugar Beach Viceroy

getting married in Saint Lucia - Sugar Beach Viceroy


Once part of the Rabot Estate, one of Soufrière’s oldest and most famous cocoa plantations, Ladera Resort is situated on a volcano ridgeline, 1,000 feet above the deep, blue Caribbean Sea. With stunning views of the Pitons, the hotel offers a setting unlike any other. With just 37 rooms and suites, the resort’s intimate, eco-conscious design overflows with beauty and romance.

Pitons view wedding - Ladera Resort - Saint Lucia

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Ladera

Pitons view wedding - Ladera Resort - Saint Lucia

Calabash Cove

One of the Caribbean’s most popular all-inclusive resorts, Calabash Cove promises guests a truly memorable experience. Located on the northwest coast of Saint Lucia, it is conveniently positioned midway between Castries and Rodney Bay. The resort is known for its incredible hospitality. The restaurant also has one of the best views on the island – count the sailboats across the bay or the stars in the evening sky.

Calabash Cove Saint Lucia

Calabash Cove Saint Lucia

Cap Maison

Set in a stunningly beautiful location with its own secluded sandy beach, Cap Maison inhabits one of the most sought-after spots on the island. Blissfully private yet near to the chic Rodney Bay area and adjacent to the St. Lucia Golf & Country Club, it appeals to active guests as well as those seeking a relaxed retreat. The exclusive resort is family owned and managed, so service is naturally friendly, personal and attentive without being invasive. Featuring two of the best restaurants on the island, the Cliff at Cap and the Naked Fisherman (along with one of the best stocked walk-in wine cellars) it is definitely a hotel for food lovers.

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Cap Mason

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Cap Mason

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Cap Mason

Luxury resort in Saint Lucia - Cap Mason

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