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How can a Wedding Planner Help?

How Can a Wedding Planner Help?

Increasingly couples welcome the support, advice and creative input a professional wedding planner can bring and turn to them for help with the organisation of all or some of their wedding plans.

Wedding planners offer a range of services and can provide you with valuable support and advice at any stage of your wedding planning. If you are considering hiring a wedding planner it's important to make sure you find a planner that understands your vision for your wedding and is willing to work closely and enthusiastically with you to translate your vision into reality.

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When our prospective clients ask how Benessamy can help them with their plans here are just some of the things that we tell them about booking our wedding planning service:

Budget Management and Supplier Sourcing

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We have good contacts and can help you to save money or make your money go further by selecting the right suppliers to suit your needs and your wedding budget. We will work with you to ensure that you have a clear idea of your wedding budget and to help you keep a track on it.

We are Level 3 members of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and follow their Code of Ethics. We always pass any discounts and/or commission offered to us by suppliers to you which helps us to stay independent. We recommend suppliers to you based on their suitability to meet your requirements.

Take the Stress Away

Planning your wedding can quite stressful and you may struggle to do all the planning alongside your day to day life (which must of course continue!) You may not have the time or the inclination to spending every bit of your spare time searching for the right suppliers and visiting countless venues.

If you're someone who finds negotiating a little difficult, leave it to us to lead these discussions with suppliers on your behalf.

If organising everything yourself has now become a little overwhelming or you are running out of time we can also help you to tie up any loose ends and make sure that everything runs smoothly - leaving you to relax and just enjoy the day.

Help with design, theme and style

As well as co-ordinating your plans we can also provide you with ideas on themes and design for your wedding day. During a Design Consultation, we will find out as much as we can about your interests, hobbies and tastes to inform the design, style and theme ideas that we put forward to you.

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So if you want to discuss your wedding plans with us, please click on the button below and book in a complimentary consultation.

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