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7 Top Tips for Your Winter Wedding

Winter wedding top tips - Magda K Photography

As the temperature in the UK drops below freezing and the Christmas ads start to appear on TV, my mind is suddenly full of winter wedding ideas. 

Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married, but there are definitely a few extra things to consider. Whether you’re worried about cold weather or wondering what to feed your guests, I hope my top tips will help. 

1. Dress for the Weather

Even if you’re lucky enough to exchange vows on a beautifully crisp, clear winter’s day, it’s going to be cold, so staying warm should be a priority. A faux fur stole, stylish cape or wraparound cardi are all great options. You could also consider a long-sleeve dress. If you’re wearing heels, have an alternative shoe option for your outdoor pics and don’t forget to bring a brolly in case of rain.   

2. Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

Your bridesmaids will need cover-ups too, so don’t forget to factor this into your budget. If it’s very cold and their dresses are long, they could also wear thick tights. Ice-cold, blue hands are not a good look in wedding photos either, so consider purchasing a small supply of inexpensive hand warmers. 

3. Allow Extra Travel Time

Bad weather can mean bad traffic and even road closures, so make sure you have a contingency plan in place for both the bridal party and your wedding suppliers. 

4. Consider Sticking to One Venue

Holding your ceremony and reception in the same venue, or at locations very near to each other, will make transport even easier and limit the amount of time guests spend outside.

5. Make the Most of Seasonal Food and Drink

Winter is all about comfort food and hearty meals, so your wedding feast is an opportunity to really spoil your guests. Ask your caterer to suggest a menu that includes plenty of seasonal fruit and veg. Mulled wine, Winter Pimms or indulgent mugs of hot chocolate make ideal welcome drinks when the weather is cold and grey.  

6. Keep Guests Warm

Focus on keeping everyone warm and cosy, especially in older buildings or a cavernous church. Stock up on blankets and pashminas, serve warm drinks and if your venue has an open fire, keep it burning.

7. Pick the Right Photographer

At a winter wedding, when sunset can take place as early as 4pm, your photographer will have a small window of daylight to work with. If the weather’s particularly bad, they may even be forced to shoot inside. To ensure they have the skills to produce great results under these conditions, ask to see photographs taken at the same time of year. 

Until next time,

Happy planning!

Val xx

Photo Credit – Magda K Photography

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