The Dos and Don'ts of Travelling With Your Destination Wedding Dress

The Dos and Don'ts of Travelling With Your Destination Wedding Dress

Jetting off ahead of your destination wedding should be a time of overwhelming excitement and joy. Arriving at the other end to discover your dream dress has become a crumpled heap of satin, or even lost luggage, will kill your travel buzz in no time at all.

When it comes to transporting your destination wedding dress, it's important to take the proper precautions to ensure its safe arrival at your chosen venue.

  • DO choose a dress that can withstand extensive travel.

Some materials like chiffon or cotton jersey can easily be steamed, while others such as satin and silk tend to wrinkle easily and are much more difficult to press.

  • DON'T fold your dress, pop it in your case and check it at the luggage counter.

There's so much that could go wrong! Your bag could be lost or damaged, leaving you without a wedding dress at all. If it does arrive safely, it could be harder to press or steam. Carry-on is definitely the way to go for complete peace of mind.

  • DO invest in a garment bag specifically designed for destination wedding travel.

Your bridal retailer should be able to help, but a 72 inch garment bag is generally suitable for a gown and a train.

  • DO store it carefully on the plane.

Once your fellow passengers have loaded their hand luggage into the overhead compartment, gently place your garment bag on top of their items by laying it flat. Alternatively, you can ask the flight attendant if they're able to hang it in their coat or storage cupboard. This will ensure safe travel and minimal creasing.   

The Dos and Don'ts of Travelling With Your Destination Wedding Dress

  • DO keep the bag upright after you land.

Remember to keep an eye on your precious cargo while you collect the rest of your luggage. When you're ready to transfer to your resort, lay the garment bag flat on top of your other cases or even across your laps inside the car.

  • DON'T leave steaming and pressing your dress to the last minute.

To ensure your destination wedding dress is ceremony ready, make arrangements with your hotel's concierge to have it steamed and pressed at the earliest opportunity, preferably within a few hours of your arrival.

  • DO travel prepared.

Even if you follow all of the advice above, accidents can happen. It's a good idea to pack a sewing kit for any emergency repairs along with a lint brush to ensure your gown looks pristine.

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Happy planning!

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