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How to Plan a Wedding Weekend

Guests enjoying a rehearsal dinner

What is a Wedding Weekend?

A wedding weekend or multi-day celebration is your chance to extend one of the happiest days of your life and spend even more time celebrating. Although anyone can host a wedding weekend, they’re particularly popular among people getting married overseas. If you and your guests are travelling a significant distance, it makes sense to maximise your trip by planning various events and gatherings for the duration of your stay.

The same goes for out-of-town weddings. If your country venue is fairly remote, chances are your guests will need to stay for the weekend anyway. Many of our clients in this situation are opting to host brunch the following day. A more relaxed gathering the morning after is a great opportunity to share stories and reminisce about your wedding day.

Typical Events

There are no rules when it comes to planning a multi-day wedding. You’re free to create your dream itinerary, mixing smaller, more intimate gatherings with larger events and activities. If you want to cater for everyone and ensure your guests can go the distance, I’d recommend balancing out the party vibes with some slower paced, relaxing activities. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Welcome drinks reception as guests arrive.
  • Rehearsal dinner/cocktail hour.
  • Group excursions/days out to explore, especially for overseas weddings.
  • BBQ on the beach / poolside dinner and drinks.
  • Scheduled downtime. Perhaps a trip to the hotel spa?    
  • Afternoon tea.
  • ‘The legal bit’.
  • Symbolic ceremony.
  • Wedding breakfast.
  • Evening reception.
  • Brunch the day before or the morning after.

Pros & Cons

At Benessamy, we love planning wedding weekends, but we also know they’re not right for everyone. Here are a few pros and cons to consider…


  1. More Time with Your Guests
    Extending the celebration means more time with friends and family. If you’re planning a destination wedding or have guests travelling from overseas, this can be a particularly welcome bonus.

  2. More Creativity
    Multi-day events allow for plenty of creativity. If your Pinterest boards are packed with more wedding inspiration than one event can handle, this should be music to your ears! I like to think about creating a series of experiences for guests, taking them on a journey from the minute they arrive.   

  3. More of You
    Hosting a wedding weekend also allows you to share more of your personality and passions. Each part of your itinerary tells guests a little more about the things you love. If you’re getting married overseas, planning events that allow people to fully experience the location not only makes your wedding incredibly memorable, but it also shows your guests why you chose such a far-flung destination.   

pool party


  1. Higher Costs
    Planning a packed weekend of events means spending more than you would for a one-day celebration. In particular, the cost of multiple locations, food and drink, and additional hours for waiting staff and other suppliers can quickly add up.

  2. More to Organise
    More events mean more logistics. From sourcing venues and block booking accommodation to managing multiple itineraries, your to-do list could end up quite lengthy. Rather than dismissing the idea completely, let this be a reason to enlist some professional help. A good wedding planner will have no trouble organising a multi-day event. They might even make it look easy!

  3. Lower Attendance
    There are lots of reasons people might not be able to attend a wedding taking place over a number of days. Whether it comes down to work, childcare or something else, you may need to accept certain loved ones won’t make it, especially if your multi-day event is happening out-of-town or overseas.

    If there are guests you can’t bear to be without, planning any kind of destination wedding often means hosting a separate celebration closer to home. Otherwise, keeping things flexible and adopting a ‘come and go as you please’ approach for any extra events can make things more accessible.

Plan Your Wedding Weekend with Benessamy

Still not sure where to start? Benessamy can help! We have plenty of experience planning wedding weekends and multi-day events in the UK and overseas. Discover our Wedding Planning Services, Party Planning Services or get in touch to arrange a consultation. You’ll also find more inspiration via the links below:

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