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How Roaming Entertainment Can Break The Ice and Get Your Wedding Party Started BEFORE You Reach The Dancefloor!

Roaming Band - The Travelling Hands

Tom Warner is the Founder of London's award-winning acoustic roaming band The Travelling Hands. In this guest post, Tom explains how a roaming band can transform the atmosphere during your wedding day by providing an immersive experience for you and your guests. After all, you deserve to party from start to finish on your wedding day, so why wait until the evening?

Over to Tom....


In The Travelling Hands, we’ve been providing immersive roaming entertainment at wonderful wedding celebrations around the world since 2011. Having performed for hundreds of couples on their special days, we happen to know a thing or two about weddings. What’s more, we also know how you can best incorporate roaming entertainment within your own wedding celebration and create the biggest impact possible for your friends and family.

Let’s run through what a roaming band is, identify the most popular times of a wedding celebration for roaming entertainment, and explore how this unique performance style can really break the ice during your celebrations and get your party started before your feet have even touched the dancefloor.

Roaming Band - The Travelling Hands

What is a roaming band, and who are The Travelling Hands?

A roaming band is able to offer live musical performances and simultaneously stroll (or roam) with acoustic instruments throughout any area of your venue, providing mobile music that travels directly to you and your guests. This is singalong entertainment on the move.

The Travelling Hands are London’s award winning roaming band. We offer musical roaming entertainment with a feel good British twist. We’ve been booked for global brands such as Cartier, Rolls-Royce, Royal Ascot, Hublot and many more; we’re recommended by Tatler and over 20 five star hotels in London alone, we’ve entertained our private clientele at parties and weddings worldwide from Kensington Palace to the beaches of Bali. We also work with some incredible event professionals worldwide such as the wonderful Val Mattinson and her team at Benessamy.

We perform with acoustic guitars, double bass, saxophone and percussion (with multiple vocalists in our team too), performing energetic feel-good hits from a variety of decades to entertain guests of all ages. From The Beatles to Sweet Caroline, this is singalong entertainment for everyone.

The difference from a stage band

Without the restrictions of a stage, The Travelling Hands performances can be up close and personal with your guests no matter if they are relaxing in an afternoon champagne reception, enjoying a sumptuous wedding dinner, or even reminiscing on the night before during a post-wedding day lunch. The mobility of the band enables performances during these moments of a celebration that can often easily be overlooked. Let’s look at the flow of a wedding day and where roaming entertainment can work best.


After the wedding ceremony, there is often a champagne hour accompanied with canapés. This is naturally a much more gentle time of day. Often guests are catching up and saying hello for the first time. Throughout these moments, music becomes a great accompaniment to slowly ease guests out of their shells as they enjoy their conversations and relax into your big day. Here, The Travelling Hands can stroll through a drinks reception directly to guests, bringing acoustic songs to different groups as they settle into your celebrations, prior to the main roaming performance that we are best known for….it’s time for the wedding breakfast.


Dinner has arrived, and this point at any wedding day brings with it a great shift in the dynamics of wedding guest psychology. At this point of a wedding celebration, catch ups are complete, drinks are flowing, and guests are in celebratory spirits as they enjoy the wonderful menu you’ve selected for them. Here The Travelling Hands can ignite a celebration, kickstart the party in style before your guests feet have even touched the dancefloor and transform a gentle meal into an immersive dining experience.

The team truly breaks the rules of the wedding dinner, moving through tables of guests and performing singalong anthems to different areas of the room at once. From standing on chairs to performing while lying on the floor, this is the time to indulge your guests in some unexpected fun. The gentle meal is quickly transformed to an immersive and epic dining experience to unite your guests of all ages. The fast transition of song styles from 50s rock n roll into some 80s pop and then perhaps from Whitney Houston into Frank Sinatra adds to the unpredictable celebrations even further and continues to heighten the experience for every wedding guest through a unique musical adventure where no decade is off limits.

For larger wedding celebrations, The Travelling Hands can even partner with production companies to perform with wireless microphones and radio packs on their instruments enabling a whole room to hear them at once! And finally for multi-date weddings, other popular performance times include the rehearsal dinner the day before the big day, and the day after the wedding during a final lunch together to close your wedding celebrations.

Roaming Band - The Travelling Hands - Rosewood London

Why The Travelling Hands are a great option for your wedding celebrations?  

Verified Entertainment
- The UK’s award-winning roaming band. We were awarded Best Band, as voted for by luxury wedding professionals at the Bridelux / RSVP 2022 Awards.

- This musical team has been booked by the likes of Cartier, Rolls-Royce, Royal Ascot, Samsung, Facebook, Google & many more.

- Formed in 2011, we have hundreds of wedding performances behind us so we happen to know a thing or two about these special days, and we will bring all of this experience to your celebrations.

Part of your wedding team
- Our goal is to help deliver the day that you want. We want to hear about your hopes and dreams for your big day and then work to make this a reality.

- by Tatler & over 20 five star properties in London alone.

Break The Ice
- Help your guests fully relax into your special day with our feel good performances.

Kickstart your party
- Ignite your celebrations and transform often gentle moments like afternoon drinks and dinners into celebrations.

Unite Your Guests
- with our carefully curated setlists for all ages.

Immersive Performances
- Surprise your guests with interactive entertainment that travels to them!             

The Summary

From the gentle accompaniment of afternoon drinks to the exciting possibilities of performances during a wedding dinner – roaming entertainment can play off your guests’ emotions at different times of the day, elevate the atmosphere to heighten their experience, and transform typically gentle moments like dinners into unforgettable parties!

For those who want to celebrate at their events from start to finish, for those with party-loving friends or colleagues who love a singalong, and for those who simply want MORE fun  – the roaming entertainment of The Travelling Hands may be just what you’re looking for. From Kensington Palace to the beaches of Bali and from the most glamorous of London’s ballrooms, to exclusive roof terraces of Lake Como, we’ve delivered a celebratory musical voyage for wedding couples and party-lovers worldwide.

Thanks Tom!

Could The Travelling Hands be a great fit for your own wedding celebration? To find out more and to arrange a video call with them about your celebrations, head over to

Val x

Photography Credits

Photo 1 - Colony Digital
Photo 2 - James Rouse Photography
Photo 3 - James Rouse Photography

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