How to Plan a Caribbean Vow Renewal

Planning a vow renewal in the Caribbean

A Caribbean vow renewal allows you to combine an extra-special, intimate getaway with a heartfelt celebration of your love and commitment. Sprawling across more than 1.06 million square miles and primarily located between North America and South America, the region boasts an amazing year-round climate, countless miles of white sandy beaches, gorgeous coral reefs and shimmering, crystal-clear waters.

I make no secret of how much I love the Caribbean! One of the most prestigious tourist destinations in the world, it’s the perfect setting for you and your partner to focus on each other and the importance of your relationship.

Why Renew Your Wedding Vows?

There are numerous reasons to renew your vows. Perhaps you had a simple civil ceremony originally and feel you missed your chance to publicly declare your love. You may want to commemorate a milestone anniversary or strengthen your commitment to one another after a challenging season. Some couples welcome the opportunity to honour surviving hardship, illness or loss.

Whatever your motivation, a vow renewal is a wonderful way to celebrate your strong emotional bond and acknowledge how you’ve grown and evolved together since your wedding day.

Set a Budget

As with any important celebration or event, it’s vital you decide what you can afford and investigate different options before making any financial commitments.

Renewing your vows isn’t about recreating your original wedding. You may want to wear a special outfit or treat guests to an indulgent meal, but there’s no need for excessive pomp and ceremony. Figure out which elements are important to you both and allocate your budget accordingly.

Pick a Location & Book a Venue

To select the perfect spot for your Caribbean vow renewal, you’ll need to conduct detailed research into the various destinations available. While surveying the options, you should compare prices, accommodation and amenities. Before booking, you’ll also need to speak to a travel agent or research flights online.

A destination wedding planner like myself can help you narrow down the search and find a location and venue that suits your needs. Personally, I love Barbados St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica but Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands are all worthy of consideration too. For more inspiration and advice, you can read my top destination wedding planning tips here and here. I could talk about visiting the Caribbean all day, so do get in touch if you have any questions! 

vow renewal in the Caribbean - Cap MaisonCap Maison

Choose Your Vows

This is perhaps the most important part of any vow renewal! Some couples opt to repeat their original vows while others prefer to write something that reflects their relationship in its current form. You could hire a celebrant to help you with this.

Gather & Celebrate

You should use your budget as a guide when deciding how many people will attend. A lengthy guest list isn’t a necessity. Many couples choose to keep things simple, inviting their children, close family and a handful of dear friends.

Whether you invite plenty of guests or only a few, a vow renewal is cause for great celebration. Savour the beauty of your surroundings, enjoy good food and spend time relaxing on the beach.

Extend Your Stay

Trust me, you won’t want to rush home! As well as providing a romantic backdrop for your vow renewal, the Caribbean is the perfect setting for a mini-moon. 

Until next time,

Happy planning!

Val x

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