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Father of the Bride - Speech Tips

Father of the Bride

Photograph: Buena VistaEverett/Rex Features via The Guardian  Kimberly Williams and Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.

Even for the Father of the Bride who is usually a confident public speaker the idea of standing up in front of friends and family may still fill them with a sense of dread.

The Father of the Bride speech should be in keeping with the style of the wedding so if you are relaxed about the order of events and want your father to feel the same let him know so that he can tailor his speech accordingly. Informal or formal, you will still want his speech to fit into the schedule you have for the day so make sure to let him know how much time he has for his 'big moment'.

What might a speech include?

If you are following traditional wedding etiquette then the Father of the Bride speech should include:

  • A welcome to the groom's parents, relatives of both families and all the other guests
  • How proud he is of his daughter and her achievements
  • An anecdote about the bride's earlier life
  • A story about the events leading up to the wedding
  • Congratulations to the groom
  • Happiness about his daughter marrying into the groom's family
  • A few words of wisdom to help the couple along their way as they start their married life
  • Inviting the guests to join him in a toast to the bride and groom wishing them happiness for their future together.

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Father of the Bride Gift

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    1. Sally Hewitson:
      Jan 22, 2015 at 03:03 PM

      I love this article, I know my dad apparently spent hours on his speech, he isn't one for public speaking and I think your tips a perfect. I have to say I was a bit worried about what he might say but thankfully it wasn't too embarassing, or too gushing either. I think doing the speeches before food helps speed things along a bit. x

    2. Val Mattinson:
      Jan 22, 2015 at 03:03 PM


      Thanks for your comments, especially what you've said about the timing of the speeches. Having speeches before the meal is a great way to reduce the level of nervousness for the speech makers and means that they can then sit back and enjoy their food along with all the other guests. Valerie x

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