Everything You Need to Know About Being a Bridesmaid

Everything You need to Know about Being a Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honour and a privilege. Whether the bride is your oldest friend or a family member, you'll play an integral role in their wedding day and feature heavily in memories they'll treasure forever.

Being a bridesmaid is a big deal. As well as wearing a pretty dress, you'll be part of the bride's support team and maybe even her first port of call in a crisis. With this in mind, here's everything you need to know about bridesmaid duties before, during and after the big day....


  • Offer to help as much as possible. There's a lot to organise in the run-up to a wedding, so the bride will be grateful for any assistance.
  • Support the bride as she shops for your bridesmaid dress, shoes and accessories. Attend fittings if needed and try to be gracious and tactful at all times. If the ensemble isn't quite to your taste, remember it's not your day, but one day it could be, so treat the bride with the same respect you'd hope to receive at your own wedding.
  • Break in your shoes before the wedding and make sure you have the right underwear to wear with your dress.
  • Help plan and co-host the hen party.
  • Attend any rehearsals or pre-wedding celebrations as requested by the bride.
  • Purchase a wedding present. Consider buying an extra special joint gift with your fellow maids.
  • Provide plenty of emotional support. Planning a wedding can be stressful!

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  • Arrive on time, especially if there's a few of you in need of hair and makeup.
  • Run last-minute errands and help the bride delegate important tasks.
  • Make sure the bride has something to eat and drink throughout the day, especially post-ceremony when she might miss out on canapés.
  • Make sure you're on hand to hold the bride's bouquet, clutch bag or lipstick.
  • Keep your own handbag well-stocked with breath mints, tissues, plasters and painkillers, just in case.
  • Help carry the bride's wedding train whenever necessary. Keep an eye on it during photographs too, it'll need fluffing in order to look its best.
  • If asked, take part in the receiving line. This allows guests to meet the bridal party and ensures the bride and groom are able to say hello and thank you to everyone.
  • Assist the bride during the reception by introducing guests, showing them to the bar and inviting them to sign the guest-book.
  • Accept cards and gifts on the couple's behalf and make sure they're stored safely for the duration. 
  • Bustle the bride's dress before the first dance and be ready to help if it comes unhooked.
  • Aim to be the first on the dance floor after the newlyweds. You may be asked to partner with the groomsmen during a more formal dance sequence, but otherwise you should keep an eye out for toe-tapping guests in need of a partner.
  • If asked, accompany the bride when she visits the bathroom. 


  • Offer to help the morning after the wedding. There may be flowers to collect, hire items to return or relatives that need a lift to the station.
  • Send a thank you note. After all their hard work, effort and expense, a few kind words of appreciation are guaranteed to make the newlyweds smile.
  • Check in with the bride a few weeks later. Post-wedding blues can be brutal, so she might be in need of some friendly cheer.

Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Val x

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