8 Ways to Really Look After Your Wedding Guests

8 ways to really look after oyur wedding guests

Of course, your wedding day is indisputably all about you but if you've been a guest at a wedding you'll know how important it is to make sure your guests are looked after.

You've invited all these people to witness the happiest day of your life, we want to make sure they have a good time alongside you! So here are a few ways you can ensure every guest leaves your wedding impressed and full of happy memories!


The number one guest complaint at weddings is without a doubt to do with scheduling. Whether it's not knowing what is happening when, or there being too much 'lag time' in between events when brides and grooms are often too busy to notice.

Let your guests know what's happening in style with something as simple as calligraphy and a chalk board, or printed schedules on tables. They will appreciate the heads up!


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Better yet, when you're off having your photos taken for the hundredth time, or stealing a bathroom break in between courses, have something for your guests to do to pass the time. Quizzes on tables, a fun guest book or, the old standby, a trusty photobooth.

Play The DJ

Always a favourite, encourage your guests in your invitations to write down their song requests for the reception. Guaranteed to get more people on the dance floor when their songs makes it to the DJ booth!


Another common complaint from wedding guests is that the couple hadn't made any suggestions about hotels and transport. Make it easy on your guests and suggest a few cab companies and accommodation options on your invites or on your wedding website, so they aren't left high and dry come the end of the night! Better yet, for those who want to continue the party, recommend a few places to go for a late-night drink and dance!

Bathroom Beauty

wedding guest tolietries hamper(source)

A big hit at any wedding reception can be found in the bathroom of all places. A basket of goodies for late-night beautification is a thoughtful way to impress your guests - hairbrushes, body spray, lipglosses, maybe even some blister plasters! For both men and women this is a welcome sight at any reception.

Breakout Areas

Create a lounge space for guests to rest their tired dancing feet - a few comfy sofas, pillows and low lighting will be much appreciated as the night draws to a close.

Late Night Snacks

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No matter how delicious your four-course wedding breakfast was earlier in the day, dancing burns a lot of calories! Treat your guests to a late-night snack table of indulgences like donuts, bacon rolls, ice-cream - anything you want! You'll be wanting some of that action too, for sure!


The highlight of any wedding is always going to be something unexpected. Surprise your guests with anything from an 'out of left field' first dance to a fun fireworks display at the end of the night!

Until next time.....

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