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We Have Yummy Little Cakes At Bawdon Lodge Farm!

Yummy Little Cakes

Yummy Little Cakes - I guess the clue is in the name and being a fan of cake (why wouldn't I be!), helping clients to find fabulous cake designers (whose cakes taste as good as they look) is one of the many things that I enjoy about being a wedding planner. Having had the pleasure of sampling yummy cakes from Yummy Little Cakes, I was pleased recently when one of our Benessamy couples asked Natalie to design the wedding cake for their 2014 wedding, following our recommendation.

Over to the lovely Natalie......

What inspired you to start your business?

The love of being with my fabulous family inspired me to start a business from home. The home work life balance is soo important to me - this is still my inspiration. Being your own ‘Boss' mean that you can take all the glory for your successes and blame for failings (I call these learning curves - there can be a lot of them). So the desire to succeed is another continuing inspiration.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

All of what I said above, then on a business level, I loooove meeting the client, listening to all the details of the wedding. This is mainly because I am very nosey, but of course it is necessary to be able to gather inspiration to design them a truly personal wedding cake. Seeing the clients face when you draw that cake, including as many of the required elements, with a very personal twist is priceless. Then (I know this is supposed to be a ‘most' answer sorry) when the cake is complete and I step back I get that giddy feeling of eeeeeeeee, they're going to love.

Yummy Little Cakes

What has been the best moment of your business so far?

I'd say the day I took the plunge to leave full time salaried employment. Thinking ‘wow, maybe, just maybe enough people love my work enough to keep me in business'. After 16 years in retail management, working for myself for many reasons has and still is very scary (of course I have the best ‘boss' ever). The hard work and a lot of very stressful time are worth what I get back in lots of other areas.

Can you give us a ‘Typical day in the life of....'?

MMMmmm a typical day is tricky as it all revolves around the family- so as the family is up bright and early, I take the opportunity to do few emails, admin type jobs. Once the home becomes work I get cracking on my list - Buying a long list of supplies, create decorations first, then cake baking, cake prep, then cake covering and stacking. Then finishing touches, then going out again for more supplies that I forgot the first time. In between these processes - which usually take 3-5 days - I reply to emails, search for inspiration for new design, research suppliers for cake items, design new clients cakes, set consultations up with new clients, meet new clients, quote and sketch new designs for clients, research which venues will work for me to showcase my work at (wedding shows/fayres).

Yummy Little Cakes

Then I get to deliver and set up the cakes to some fabulous venues. Make sure I take lots of pics as they need to be shared on my social networks sites and uploaded to my website. Work on driving the business to be successful next year too - still no definitive answer for this ;-). At some point I collect the kidlets, feed, bath and bed them (cuddles and playing are allowed too) after bedtime I continue with the above. Unlike being employed, self employment is truly full time - except when I am being Mummy.

What are you most excited about in your business plans for the next few months?

I have met several new suppliers over the past few months and am excited about what we can achieve together. Autumn is the busiest time of the year for meeting new clients and means I get to design them some fabulous cakes. Also lots of shows/fayres to exhibit at to meet more new clients and suppliers.


Thanks Natalie.

If you're looking for wedding cakes that taste as good as they look come along to the Bawdon Lodge Farm Wedding Open Day and meet Yummy Little Cakes! Register now for your free tickets.

Val x

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