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Generous Servings of Passion, A Bowl Full of Expertise & A Dash of Flair!

Thomas The Caterer

We're on the final countdown to next weekend's Sami Tipi Open Weekend event and our team of fabulous suppliers are all looking forward to welcoming you.

Preparing a few tasty treats for you will be Thomas The Caterer.

Thomas The Caterer is a catering company led by Chef Thomas who describes his business as having "generous servings of passion, a bowl full of expertise and a dash of flair". They cater for a wide range of occasions - corporate events, weddings, family parties, business lunches and christenings.

Thomas' advice for you when planning your wedding catering....

Thomas The Caterer

I always say no matter what you do it has to be about you. Be selfish! Who cares if great aunt Doris won't like one of the canapés they are your canapés for you to enjoy no one else (but you know they are going to enjoy them) think carefully about what really tells your story when it comes to food. Your caterer should spend a great few hours with you creating a menu that is right for you, not them or her or him but you. A menu and food that really tells your story, your love story no less! Remember you can only tell it once so it had better be right!

So I guess my big thought and advice is that you call the shots its your big day created to be great for you. So have what you want to have, I'm very lucky that not one of my events has ever been the same and I intend on keeping it that way because everyone is different as are everyone's wedding days.


Thanks Thomas!

So come along to the Open Weekend, sample Thomas' culinary delights and have a chat to him about your wedding or event catering.

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