Deciding on your wedding location when family and friends live further afield.

If like me you settled in your university/ polytechnic or college city or have relocated due to work, this may be the place where you met your intended. Chances are your families live in completely different parts of the country or maybe even overseas. So when it comes to deciding where to get married how do you decide?

Well, I am originally from London, came to Nottingham to study at Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University) and met my wonderful Yorkshire husband in Nottingham as he was a University of Nottingham student. To complicate matters, I have close family in London, New York and on the beautiful island of Barbados.


A tempting possibility was the Barbados beach wedding which was the choice of my youngest brother and his wife. I was not only a guest at their beautiful wedding but also assisted them with their on the day co-ordination (more on this another time!).


Before even thinking about the style and type of our wedding my husband and I had to decide whether to marry in the place we now call home (Nottingham), the place where I used to call home and many of my close family still live, (London) or the place my husband used to call home and where the majority of his family live, (North Yorkshire).

We chose Nottingham. This was the place we met and where we had made our home and we rellished the chance to show the city off a little to our family and friends.


I am working with a couple at the moment who are planning to get married in 2013. They are deliberating over a number of locations for their big day including London (where they, their friends and some of the bride’s close family live) and Egypt (where the groom was born and where many of his close family live).

Clearly the size of your budget and the location, willingness and ability to travel of those who you want to attend your big day are all key factors which will influence your choice. If you want to get married overseas or even in another part of the UK, your guests will need plenty of notice to enable them to make their travel and accommodation plans.

Let me know if you chose to get married at home or away and perhaps what helped you to decide.


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