When is the Best Time to Get Married in the Caribbean?

when is the best time to get married in the Caribbean

Setting a date is an important step in the planning of your Caribbean destination wedding. From travel logistics to local holidays, there are a lot of variables to consider. So, when’s the best time to get married in the Caribbean? Here’s my expert advice…

Weather, Cost & Availability

The weather in the Caribbean, and how it changes from one season to the next, can impact your plans in a variety of ways. Every couple has their own set of priorities and their own unique vision for their wedding. Knowing what to expect, and the constraints certain factors may or may not create, is key to picking the right time of year.

Jan/Feb/March (High Season)

This is when the weather in the Caribbean is at its best and most consistent. It’s not too hot, there’s always a nice breeze and very little rain.

However, it’s called ‘high season’ for a reason! At the most popular resorts, price and occupancy tend to be very high at this time of year, so costs will be steep for your wedding guests, and you may find availability is lacking. When the resorts are full, finding a private location on the beach for your wedding ceremony can also be challenging. Although anytime from the beginning of January to the end of March is considered the best time to visit the Caribbean, it may not be an ideal time to host a destination wedding.

April/May/June (Mid Season)

Although the weather in the Caribbean has not yet begun to get hot and humid, this is normally the time when it rains the most. Most days, the rain will fall for thirty minutes and it’ll soon be completely bright and sunny. However, there’s always the possibility you’ll get one of those weeks when the rain falls constantly every day. This may or may not affect your wedding ceremony, but it can certainly have an impact on the rest of your trip.

when is the best time to get married in the Caribbean

July/Aug/Sept (Low Season)

July is a very popular month for Caribbean destination weddings. Weddings tend to be a family affair, so choosing a date during the school holidays means everyone, including children, can attend. Rates are often lower at this time of year, so affordability becomes easier for your guests. Resorts are a little quieter too.

Heat and humidity are at their highest during July, August and September, so you may spend most of your trip cooling down in the ocean or the pool. It’s also important to note hurricane season starts during this time. However, the chances that your wedding day will coincide with one hitting the island you’ve chosen to visit are very slim. There are normally enough warnings ahead of a hurricane to make last minute changes and keep things running smoothly.

Oct/Nov/Dec (Mid Peak Season)

This period is not as hot and humid as the three months prior. Although resort prices and occupancy are starting to go back up, they have not yet hit their peak. The only potential downside to hosting your wedding at this time of year is the proximity to certain major holidays in the UK and US (i.e., Thanksgiving and Christmas). If you choose a date close to these celebrations, it may impact the number of guests willing or able to attend.

Guest Availability

I’ve mentioned it briefly above but checking the time of year works for your guests is just as important as checking the weather. You probably can’t please everyone, but you should at least make sure your wedding party and key family members are able to attend. If certain people can’t make it, don’t worry, all is not lost! There are lots of ways to include them in your celebration. And maybe it’s the perfect excuse to plan a separate party back home!

Carnival, Local Holidays and Religious Celebrations

My final piece of advice is to check whether your preferred wedding date coincides with any high days or holidays. For example, many of the Caribbean Islands celebrate Carnival. There’s Crop Over in Barbados and Bacchanal in Jamaica. Some couples want their visit to coincide with these spectacular events while others are keen to avoid such a busy time. The most important thing is to do your research.

When’s the Best Time to Get Married in the Caribbean?

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