Why a Symbolic Ceremony Might Make Sense for Your Caribbean Destination Wedding

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘your wedding, your way’. Personally, I’m thrilled to see more and more couples abandoning convention and planning the wedding they want rather than the wedding tradition dictates. One option that’s becoming increasingly popular, especially for destination weddings, is the symbolic ceremony. 

A symbolic ceremony set up on a beach, with a simple foliage hoop backdrop and white flowers

What is a Symbolic Ceremony?

The term ‘symbolic’ has been adopted to describe a ceremony that has symbolic meaning but no legal or religious significance. To those present, it seems like any other marriage ceremony, albeit a very personal one, but it’s not legally binding. This means you need to plan a separate legal ceremony. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in the case of destination weddings it often costs less than handling the legal requirements for an overseas civil ceremony.       

Why Are They Such a Good Fit for Destination Weddings?

There are a few reasons. As I mentioned, opting for a symbolic ceremony can reduce some of the legal and administrative challenges associated with getting married overseas. For example, some Caribbean islands have quite a long residency requirement. I wrote about this in relation to Martinique for French Wedding Style. If you’re doing the ‘legal bit’ back home, you don’t need to worry about meeting these requirements or completing complicated paperwork. In certain places, you’ll also avoid your ceremony being conducted in a foreign language which lacks meaning for you and your guests.  

A symbolic ceremony doesn’t tie you to choosing a licensed wedding venue either. You’ll need to take local customs and laws into consideration, but you should be able to say, ‘I do’ almost anywhere. The same goes for your officiant. You can book an experienced Wedding Celebrant, but you’re also free to ask a friend or loved one to perform the ceremony.   

Bride and groom with ocean backdropImage by Malmoth Photography

Finally, planning a separate civil or religious ceremony back home gives you a chance to include guests who are otherwise unable to travel. You’ll find more advice on making your marriage official before jetting off in How to Do the ‘Legal Bit’ First and Plan a Heartfelt, Fun-Filled Party Later

How to Create a Symbolic Ceremony  

Whether you’re getting married overseas or right here in the UK, the best thing about choosing a symbolic wedding ceremony is the flexibility. You’re able to create something completely bespoke and personal to you. You can tell your love story, write your own vows, include your children, exchange rings, perform a handfasting ceremony or jump the broom. The options are endless! If this feels overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, I’d recommend enlisting the help of a Wedding Celebrant

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