5 Things To Do In St Lucia

The beautiful island of Saint Lucia straddles the boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an incredible place to get married and there’s plenty for you to see and do. With its sandy white beaches, it’s also the perfect place to do nothing at all!

an iconic landscape of St Lucia with lush green mountains in the background and a sparkling sea in the foreground

In 2018, I visited as a guest of the St. Lucia Tourist Board who had organised the trip as part of their Travel Expert Programme. I was completely blown away by the warm, friendly welcome I received on the island. Over the course of seven days, I stayed in five incredible luxury resorts and visited over 20 hotels. To assist future clients and gain first-hand knowledge of the island, I was also invited to experience some of its most spectacular sights.

Here are five things to do in Saint Lucia – five things you, your friends and family won’t want to miss…

Where to Stay

The island is perfect for a twin centre break. You could spend time with your wedding guests in the north before travelling to the south of the island for your honeymoon. Or vice versa – there’s plenty to explore and the options are endless! No matter where you decide to host your Saint Lucia wedding, you and your guests will be treated to beautiful, breath-taking scenery.

St Lucia's iconic mountains stand in the background, and a town of colourful houses can be seen in the foreground on the coast

5 Things to Do in Saint Lucia

1. Climb the Piton Mountains {or Admire Them from Below}

The overriding memory that has stayed with me from my trip to Saint Lucia is the sensational view I witnessed from the fabulous Jade Mountain resort. The Pitons, a pair of dramatically tapered mountains on the island’s west coast, towered above us as we enjoyed lunch at the hotel towards the end of our trip.

Designated a World Heritage Site, the twin volcanic cones of the Pitons are blanketed with pristine forest and home to numerous species of rare plant. It’s possible to hike the higher of the two, Gros Piton, with a guide. The steeper, shorter Petit Piton is for serious climbers only. A spectacular view of both can be enjoyed from a boat trip on Piton Bay.

2. Bathe in the Sulphur Springs in Soufrière

One of the great things to do in St Lucia is bathe in the sulphur springs. The image shows two people enjoying the springs smiling at the camera.

With the Pitons as its backdrop, the town of Soufrière is home to the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano. At the Sulphur Springs, an active geothermal zone, you can get close to bubbling mud pools and vents that belch out sulphurous steam. Discover how the whole Caribbean basin was formed by volcanic action, and on your way back from the crater take a muscle-soothing dip in pools fed by the warm, mineral-rich springs.

3. Explore Pigeon Island National Landmark

Linked to the mainland by a causeway, Pigeon Island is considered one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucia’s history. A living museum within a natural setting, the picturesque, 44-acre island reserve is open to visitors 365 days a year. Follow the walking trails and you’ll come across remains of stone bunkers and barracks used by the French and the British, as well as a small military museum. The two shady beaches on the south side of the island are among Saint Lucia’s finest. You’ll also find restaurants serving local cuisine and a lookout point at the top of the Fort with a panoramic view of the Northwest coastline.

4. See the Island from Above

Three smiling women stand in front of a helicopter with the pilot, advertising helicopter rides as one of the things to do in St Lucia

With much of mountainous Saint Lucia covered in thick rainforest, taking to the air is the best way to get a complete image of its stunning landscape. You can take short helicopter tours over the north or the south or combine the two in a longer flight. It’s a very special, memorable way to explore the island and admire its beauty.

5. Soak up the Atmosphere in Rodney Bay

By day and at night, Rodney Bay is one of the most popular destinations on the island. Fringed with a sweeping stretch of white sands, the natural horseshoe-shaped bay and man-made lagoon sits on the northwest tip of Saint Lucia. Along with a good choice of hotels along the waterfront, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. The vibrant but relaxed atmosphere makes it one of the liveliest spots you can visit.

It’s also home to the modern Rodney Bay Marina, the Caribbean’s second-largest yachting hub and finish point for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in December each year. The marina is also known for its upmarket restaurants and cocktail bars where you can enjoy traditional Caribbean cuisine or flavours from across the globe.

Plan Your Saint Lucia Wedding with Benessamy

A groom tips his bride back and they are both laughing, against a backdrop of St Lucia's iconic mountains

Now you know what to do while you’re there, you’ll find more information about getting married in Saint Lucia here. Still considering other Caribbean Islands? Discover six things to do in Barbados.

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