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Country Vs. City Wedding – Which is Right for You?

Essex wedding venue - Gosfield Hall

Should you plan a country wedding or a city wedding? I’ve been helping couples choose the perfect wedding venue for many years, so I know this is a common dilemma. If there are no obvious locations {your local church, the village you grew up in, the city where you first met}, it can be difficult to narrow down your search. Here are some things to consider if you’re trying to work out which option is right for you…


If you’re already suffering from decision fatigue and struggling to picture the finer details of your wedding day, start with the vibe. How do you want your wedding to feel? I firmly believe you can throw an epic party anywhere, but cities have an energy and a buzz that’s hard to replicate in a rural setting. Country weddings often feel more peaceful and private. The slightly slower pace and relative seclusion is perfect for an extended wedding weekend with more than one event.    

Hackney Town Hall


One thing the countryside has that cities often don’t is space. As well as unusual venues like castles, stately homes and barns, there’s lots of land that can be used for tipis, bell tents, yurts and marquees. This will give you plenty of flexibility and freedom to create a very personal celebration.

As well as beautiful hotels and historic buildings, cities are full of unique and unusual wedding venues. From libraries, galleries and converted warehouses to old cinemas, zoos and aquariums, you can always find something special!

Ultimately, whether you’re searching for a venue in the city or the countryside, the most important thing is to pick somewhere that will complement the feeling or atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. Like I said, it helps to start with the vibe!  

Backdrops, Views and Vistas

While there are parks, gardens and pockets of green in most cities, if you want your wedding photos to feature rolling hills, wildflowers or a rugged coastline, a country wedding is the obvious choice. Of course, an urban setting can also be beautiful. I’ve seen wedding photographers create stunning images on busy streets, around warehouses and against graffiti covered walls. The question to ask yourselves is which look fits your vision? Timeless natural beauty or urban, edgy and cool?

Hodsock Priory

Getting There

Getting married in the city usually guarantees excellent transport links and an abundance of accommodation for your guests to choose from. This might make it easier for people to attend and increase the number of positive RSVPs you’ll receive.

However, if you feel drawn to a more rural location, there are lots of country wedding venues within easy reach of major motorways and train stations. You might want to focus your search on places with plenty of overnight accommodation too.   

Hosting a wedding in a more remote location can present certain challenges, but with careful planning these things can add to the overall experience. Private transfers, chartering a boat, exploring the local area along the way – a good wedding planner will help you find a creative solution!    

Another Option

City chic and country elegance aren’t the only options for your wedding. Have you considered getting married overseas? You might find these posts useful if this is something you’d like to explore:

Still not sure where to start? Benessamy can help! Discover our Wedding Planning Services or get in touch to arrange a consultation.

Val x

Photography by Megan Wilson Photography

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